Friday, September 02, 2011

Impressive Italian Posters for the Aztec Mummy Series

They really knew the art of posters in Italy! Below are posters for Mexico's Aztec Mummy trilogy. Very impressive, even if they are not accurate representations of the films. I want all these posters hanging up on my walls! How about you? My favorite has to be the last one presented here. Stunning use of color and lighting effects.


Intergalactic Ape-Man said...

Actually I find it unintentionally funny to read "Gay Roman" on an italian artwork. But yes, the style indeed is classic. A little lacking on the expressionism, I'd have liked more screaming faces though. I too think the last poster is the most atmospheric.

acano said...

Do you know where you could buy the last one? Loved it (and love your site). I found a seller for the first one here, if anyone's interested: