Friday, July 29, 2011

Fear Chamber (1968)

The quartet of American/Mexican horror films that Karloff did near the end of his life get little respect, but once studied, they evolve into interesting pieces of cinema, with flashes of brilliance among their middling horror fare. These films still need to be released in respectful and authoritative versions, both the English language versions and Spanish language ones.

Here are some screen captures of the best version of FEAR CHAMBER (LA CAMARA DEL TERROR) that I have yet seen. Taken from a Mexican DVD on the Televisa label.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

EL VAMPIRO Y EL SEXO Finally Screened!

Friday, July 15th, saw the Mexican premiere of EL VAMPIRO Y EL SEXO, the uncensored version of SANTO EN EL TESORO DE DRACULA (SANTO IN THE TREASURE OF DRACULA). The premiere was held at Diana Theater in the University of Guadalajara and showings were slated to continue for several days in another theater. It is assumed that whatever legal difficulties prevented the showing were resolved. (Curiously, though, so far no online reviews of the film have shown up.)

Word is that the Calderon Company, which owns rights to the film, is attempting to secure a deal with an American company to at least present the film on DVD here in the States.