Sunday, December 06, 2009

Santa Claus 50th Anniversary Gift Set!

From our friend Daniel Griffith of Ballyhoo Motion Pictures and the Wonder World of K. Gordon Murray:

Just in time for the holidays!!! Introducing the "SANTA CLAUS 50th ANNIVERSARY GIFT SET", a great holiday companion for the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 VOLUME XVI dvd box set (which includes the infamous SANTA CLAUS episode and the companion documentary short... "SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE DEVIL", which I produced and directed)... or any cult film fan!

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the K. Gordon Murray matinee classic, "SANTA CLAUS", with this unique set... available exclusively at BALLYHOO MOTION PICTURES EBAY STORE!!! The GIFT SET includes one (1) 11x17 inch "SANTA CLAUS: 50th Anniversary Poster" printed on medium/glossy paper stock, three (3) 4x6 inch "SANTA CLAUS" postcards (three separate artworks), one (1) "SANTA CLAUS" button set (two 1.5 inch buttons) with packaging, one (1) collectable "YOUNG AMERICA HORROR CLUB" 2.25 inch button, one (1) "WONDER WORLD OF K. GORDON MURRAY" 2.25 inch button, and a SURPRISE "RETRO" GIFT! It could be anything! Cult film DVD's, magic kits,... you name it! All this for only $16.99 (plus shipping and handling)! But hurry, this offer won't last long!

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