Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Meet German Robles at the Bash!

The legendary actor German Robles is scheduled to appear at this year's Monster Bash, June 22 to 24, at the Airport Four Points Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA. This is a rare appearance by Robles in the United States, certainly in the eastern states, so those who can make it, should definitely be there for this notable and, yes, historic event. Call for info at (724) 238-4317, and also check the Monster Bash page at Creepy Classics (www.creepyclassics.com).

If you will be at the Bash and taking photos of Don Robles, please feel free to send a couple to me at eurosin@aol.com, so that I can post them on this blog. Many thanks!

And don't forget that "German" is not pronounced like the word for a person from Germany, but it's pronounced more like "Herman," as the "G" has an "H" sound in Spanish.

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