Tuesday, June 26, 2007

German Robles at the Bash

Don German Robles in front of two posters for the films that made him a legend in Mexican fantastique (photo: Jim Clatterbaugh)

One of the most luminescent and important of actors in Mexican fantasy and horror, German Robles, was honored at the Monster Bash over the weekend, and received his Monster Kid Hall of Fame Award at the Lugosiphilia Room on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it (perhaps Don Robles will stop over one day in New York for some tapas!), but from all accounts the 78 year-old Robles was delightful at the Bash and everyone came away with splendid memories of the actor, his talk and the award presentation. Below are photos graciously provided to this blog.

Jim Clatterbaugh, publisher/editor of Monsters From the Vault, and Don Robles (photo courtesy Jim Clatterbaugh)

Richard Sheffield, German Robles, and Marian and Jim Clatterbaugh. In Sheffield's hand is the cover of the next Monsters from the Vault, which features a stunning painting of "El Vampiro" (photo courtesy Jim Clatterbaugh)

Thanks to Jim Clatterbaugh, Marian Clatterbaugh, and the Classic Horror Film Board

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