Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Silence from Your Host

I've been terribly busy doing work-for-a-living chores this past month, in another city, which has prevented me from updating this blog, but soon these overtime duties will come to an end and regular updates on Mexican horror will continue.

A bit of good news was announced by Fangoria recently. BCI will be releasing a "South of the Border" collection (Volume 1!!!) containing the following films: VACATION OF TERROR (VACACIONES DE TERROR), VACATION OF TERROR 2 (VACACIONES DE TERROR 2), HELL’S TRAP (TRAMPA INFERNAL), CEMETERY OF TERROR (CEMENTERIO DEL TERROR), GRAVE ROBBERS (LADRONES DE TUMBAS), THE DEMON RAT (LA RATA MALDITA) and DON’T PANIC (DIMENSIONES OCULTAS). More on this set soon.