Friday, July 30, 2010

Club de los Vampiros i Monstruos Presents Tongolele

You may know her from LA MUERTE VIVIENTE (American title: ISLE OF THE SNAKE PEOPLE), one of the four Mexican films starring Boris Karloff. Tongolele (birth name: Yolanda Ivonne Montes Farrington). She did some fine dancing with snakes in that film. Tongolele was a renowned performer and star in Mexico for many years before working on LA MUERTE VIVIENTE, so her appearance in it was a major plus to Mexican and Latin audiences. Surprisingly, not born anywhere in or near Mexico, but in Spokane, Washington.

Tonight, Club de los Vampiros i Monstruos presents ... Tongolele, whose hips have a dangerous language of their own.

1 comment:

John said...

Wow! What a clip! "Dangerous" language? I'd say closer to lethal, if you ask me! And the erupting volcano at the end -- priceless!