Saturday, November 21, 2009

German Robles in the Hospital

Legendary actor German Robles, best known worldwide for his role as Count Lavud in EL VAMPIRO/THE VAMPIRE (1957) and EL ATAUD DEL VAMPIRO/THE VAMPIRE'S COFFIN (1958), is in intensive care at a Mexican hospital from internal hemorrhaging. He had been hospitalized this past summer from a ruptured ulcer, but recuperated. Our thoughts are with him.

Here's a clip from EL VAMPIRO in the original Spanish:

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Very sorry to hear this. I had the great honor of interviewing Robles for "THE WONDER WORLD OF K. GORDON MURRAY in COLORSCOPE". He is an amazing actor... with very humorous anecdotes regarding his extensive (and diverse) resumé of films. He is not only a remarkable actor, but a true gentleman! My sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to him.... as well as his family.

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