Friday, November 28, 2008

New Look, New Vision

I was getting tired of the old look of the blog, so I decided to change it around and make it look more polished like a Word Press design. In the process I lost all my links to "friends and fellow travelers." I'll be relisting as time--and memory--provides. If you see that I linked to you before, but that the link is now missing, just drop me a line.

I know many people have been waiting to see the VAMPIROS AND MONSTRUOS book finally come out (including the authors!) and I realize the delay has been long, but I am spending most of my free time trying to finalize everything. I'm happy to report that I'm making significant headway. Excepting for the completely unexpected (which does happen in life), VAMPIROS AND MONSTRUOS should be with a publisher in 2009, hopefully somewhere in the first few months, so that a fall publication (in time for Halloween?) can be realized.

Part of the light at the end of the tunnel is due to my decision to do a second volume. There just isn't enough space to fit everything into one volume, and it was getting hopeless trying to fit and write everything into one book. The second volume should not have the delay of the first, as I already have a fair amount of material collected for it.

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