Saturday, May 19, 2007

Abel Salazar's Horror Eight

Even those who are not novices to Mexican horror cinema, may be unfamiliar with all the horror titles that emerged from Abel Salazar's Cinematografica ABSA productions. There were eight films in number, and here's the list, with director credit, production and premiere dates:

1 - El vampiro/The Vampire, D: Fernando Mendez (May 1957; premiered 10/4/57)
2 - El ataud del vampiro/The Vampire's Coffin, D: Fernando Mendez (start date: November 14, 1957; premiered 8/28/58)
3 - El hombre y el monstruo/The Man and the Monster, D: Rafael Baledon (start date: Junes 23, 1958; premiered 10/8/59)
4 - El mundo de los vampiros/The World of the Vampires, D: Alfonso Corona Blake (start date: August 17, 1960; premiered 11/2/61)
5 - El espejo de la bruja/The Witch's Mirror, D: Chano Urueta (November 14, 1960; premiered 7/12/62)
6 - El baron del terror/The Brainiac, D: Chano Urueta (February, 1961; premiered 11/9/62)
7 - La cabeza vivente/The Living Head, D: Chano Urueta (March, 1961; premiered 3/1/63)
8 - La maldicion de la Llorona/The Curse of the Crying Woman, D: Rafael Baledon (November/December, 1961; premiered 8/15/63)

With the September releases of The World of the Vampires and The Living Head, CasaNegra Entertainment will have issued on DVD all eight films from the finest elements available. One's ABSA Horror Library will be complete.